Indesit Washing Machine Error Code

Indesit washing machine is probably known to the majority of the people in the world. Its high quality and efficiency are the main features of the company in general and especially washing machines. In order to use this washing machine properly it’s necessary to know how to deal with the possible problems. Indesit washing machine error codes, which are described in the following troubleshooting guide, will help to manage any difficult situation. You will be able to fix the washing machine without any special help aside. It is very convenient and fast, and won’t make you worry a lot. So, use it when you need it!

Indesit Washing Machine Error Code

Code Solution
F10No cold fill. Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked
F11No hot fill. The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being frozen. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked
F12No mixed fill. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps
F13Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections
F14A fault with the water heating has occurred
F15Water is not being pumped out and a flood condition could occur. Check that the drainage hose is raised to the recommended minimum height and that the pipe is not blocked
F16Extremely high water level. Disconnect or turn off the water supply and ensure that the water level does not rise any more
F17Door not closed properly. Close door firmly at the 3 o’clock position
F20/1The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect. The ambient temperature could be below freezing
F30/31A motor drive problem has occurred. Try running the programme again. If the problem persist, book an engineer
F40Water below protection level during a heat step
F41Water level detect sequence incorrect
F50/51Customer language and wash programme have not been saved. The system will run with default conditions

Indesit AQUALTIS AQ9L 292 I Washing Machine Error Code

Code Solution
F01Short circuit motor triac
F02Motor jammed tacho detached
F03Wash thermistor open/short circuit
F04Pressure switch jammed on empty
F05 (error solution f05)Pressure switch jammed on full
F06 (error solution f06)Program selector error
F07Heater relay stuck
F08Heater relay cannot be activated
F09Incompatible eeprom
F10Pressure switch not sensing correctly
F11Pump cannot be activated
F12Communication error
F13Dryer fan or dryer thermistor faulty
F14Dryer element faulty
F15Dryer element relay faulty
H20 (error solution H20)Not fillings. Check tap, hose and inlet valves
LOCKEDCheck interlock

Indesit Fordham 53194 Washing Machine Error Code

Code Solution
Error F1: LED 4 Will FlashThe first error code means a short circuit has been identified, this means the motor will need examining. While the problem may be easy to solve (although it could be much more complicated) it will usually be best to call in an experienced tradesman like us to help fix this error for you
Error F2: LED 3 Will FlashThis error code means your washing machine as detected a jam in the motor, however, while this may seem simple to fix it will require experience to fix a jammed motor without risk of harm. So, once again calling in a professional is for the best
Error F3: LED 3 and 4 Will FlashError F3 means a circuity issue has been identified while sometimes examining your washing machine’s thermistor can aid in fixing this error it will usually be more complicated. So, if you’re not confident then you should call in our team to help
Error F4: LED 2 Will FlashThis error code will be displayed if there is a problem with your washing machine’s pressure switch. Depending on the severity of the problem you might be able to fix the error yourself but once again calling in a professional will be the best option.
Error F5: LED 2 and 4 Will FlashLike the previous error code this could once again be connected to the pressure switch in the washing machine, however, it may also display code if the pump filter is blocked. You should usually be able to check the pump filter yourself but removing obstructions can be tricky so call in a professional if you’re unsure
Error F7: LED 2, 3 and 4 Will FlashIf there is a problem with your washing machine’s heater relay, then this error code will be displayed. It could be a simple wiring problem or something more complicated so calling in a technician is usually for the best
Error F8: LED 1 Will FlashYou can think of error F8 as a more serious version of error F7, just like the previous error this is related to the heater relay and you should call in a professional to help you deal with the code as well
Error F9: LED 1 and 4 Will FlashIf your washing machine won’t set-up properly then this error code will be displayed, it will usually be an electronic or wiring issue and could have a number of different causes. Sometimes unplugging your washing machine can fix the issue, but if it persists then call a technician to assist you
Error F10: LED 1 and 3 Will FlashThis is again related to the pressure switch in the washing machine, to be more precise it’s connected to the sensor in the switch. Due to the complexity of this error, you should call in a professional repairman to help you fix this problem
Error F11: LED 1, 3 and 4 Will FlashIf your washing machine’s pump isn’t working then you will see the F11 error code, however, this code also means the issue will be more serious than a simple block in the filter. So, once again getting the assistance of an experienced repairman will be for the best
Error F12: LED 1 and 2 Will FlashThe F12 error code will show if a connectivity problem is detected in your appliance, this, as you can guess, is usually going to be a more complex electricity issue. So, you should call in a professional to solve this problem as attempting to fix it yourself is likely to be highly dangerous
Error F13: LED 1, 2 and 4 Will FlashIf the temperature in your appliance becomes too high, then you will see the F13 error code. Sometimes this can be easy to fix however it is more likely to be a more complicated issue so calling in a professional is for the best. This is an error you’re only likely to see on tumble dryers and washer-dryer hybrids
Error F14: LED 1, 2 and 3 Will FlashAgain, this is an error that you will usually only see on tumble dryers and washer-dryer hybrids and it’s caused because your appliance can’t reach high enough temperatures. Due to its complexity, this is an error you should call in a professional to assist with
Error F15: LED 1, 2, 3 and 4 Will FlashThis is another error code that will be displayed if there is an error with the heater relay. Like the other heater relay connected errors this is a problem that you will once again need a professional repairman to help you fix
Error F17: LED 4 and 5 Will FlashDoor lock failures are one of the most common problems in washing machines and tumble-dryers so it’s highly likely you’ll see the F17 code sooner or later. The issue might be easy to fix although it really all depends on what is causing it, so if you can’t open the door call in a professional to assist you
Error F18: LED 3 Will FlashThe final error code is one of the most complicated, it means there is a problem with the control board and even if it’s just a wiring fault you will still need the assistance of a repair engineer to help you fix it

Indesit IWB 5065 Washing Machine Error Code

Problem Cause Solution
F1– Motor Triac ShortThe motor triac controls the speed of your washing machine motor. If a fault with the triac, the triac connections or wiring or the motor has developed you’ll see this error. You’ll need to check all of the aforementioned areas to get to the bottom of the problem
F2– Motor jammed or tacho offThe tacho measures the speed of the motor. If your washing machine has detected a fault with it this indicates that the motor is not turning as expected or there’s a problem with the tacho itself. Check:
- Motor
- Tacho
- Connections between motor and tacho
- Main circuit board
F3- NTC thermistor shorted or open circuitThe NTC thermistor lets the washing machine know the temperature of the water. You can usually find it in or next to the heating element. To establish the cause of this fault check the thermistor, the connections to it and the connections to the main control module
F4– Pressure switch jammed on emptyThe pressure switch tells the machine whether or not there’s water in the drum. A pressure switch jammed on empty will tell the washing machine that there isn’t any water inside, even if there is. Investigate the hose to the switch for blockages, wiring, module connections and the switch itself to find the fault
F5– Pressure switch jammed on fullThe opposite fault to the above, if the pressure switch is jammed on full it will tell your machine there is water inside it even when there is no water in the machine. As above this could be caused by the hose to the switch being blocked, faulty wiring, module connections or by the switch itself. This fault could also be caused by a blocked pump, so if you can’t a problem elsewhere check the pump and unblock it if necessary
F6– Not usedSometimes error codes that aren’t used still flash up if there is a fault with the electronics in your machine. This fault will require further investigation if you see it and could be an issue with the program selector if you have an older machine
F7– Heater relay stuckIf there is a problem with the heating system in your machine you’ll see this fault. Check:
- The heating element and wiring
- The connections to the control module
- The heating components
F8– Heater relay stuckAs above this fault indicates a problem with the heating system in your machine and could also be caused by the pressure switch
F9– Setup ErrorThis error is not easy to fix as it is not just the case of removing a faulty part and fitting a spare, but potentially completely reprogramming or replacing the electronics in the washing machine. This is probably best left to the professionals
F10– Pressure SwitchThis fault indicates a problem with the pressure switch, which monitors the amount of water in the washing machine drum. Check the hose to the switch for blockages, the pressure switch itself or its connections or wiring could be faulty, or there could be a problem elsewhere in the pressure
F11– Drain pumpIf you see this error it means your washing machine drain pump (the part which drains water from your machine) is not working as expected. There could be a blockage stopping it from working. Check the pump for obstructions and if there are none check the connections between the pump and the electronics module
F12– No communication between control boardsThere could be a faulty cable between the two electronic control cards in your machine causing this error. It could also be the case that one of the control cards itself has failed
F13– High dryer temperatureThis is a fault which could appear if you have a washer dryer and it has overheated. Check the lint filters and the machine for blockages to air flow as this could be causing the dryer to get too