Miele washing machine error codes

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
“!” lights up in the display and Drain fault flashes.- The water outlet is blocked or restricted.- Clean the drain filter and the drain pump.
- The drain hose has been fixed too high.- The maximum delivery head is 1 m.
“!” lights up in the display and- The water inlet is blocked or restricted.Check whether
Water inlet fault flashes.- the stopcock is opened properly.
- the inlet hose is kinked.
- the water pressure is too low.
“!” lights up in the display and Waterproof fault flashes.The water protection system has reacted.Call the Service Department.
“!” lights up in the display andThere is a fault.Start the programme again.
Technical fault flashes.If the fault message appears again, contact the Service Department.
Anti-crease Chk detergent flashes in the display.Excessive foam has built up during washing.Use less detergent next time and follow the manufacturer's instructions on dosage given on the packaging.