Milnor washer troubleshooting

ProblemCause \ Solution
Vibration Switch TrippedIf the machine vibrates excessively during extract, the vibration switch (SMWVB in the electrical schematics) closes to ground an input (MTA3-10) to the microprocessor. When the machine is in an extract step and this input is grounded, the controller immediately ends the extract step and starts the subsequent coast step. The formula then continues normally.
Note 8: The input which indicates that the vibration switch is tripped is shared with the high water level pressure switch. Software determines whether to turn off the water valve(s) or to signal the inverter to stop the motor depending on the operation running when the input is grounded.
Door OpenWhen the machine door is closed and the machine is operating normally, contacts 5 and 8 in relay CRDL are closed, grounding the input on MTA3-5 to the microprocessor. If the door opens, the input is lost. When the microprocessor loses the input, it signals an error and stops the machine. For safety, all machine controls are disabled for 75 seconds after the error occurs.
When this error occurs, the microprocessor signals the error by flashing both the In Progress light and the Last Rinse light simultaneously. Both lights flash on for two seconds, then off for two seconds, repeating for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, both lights remain off.
Press the Terminate button (g]) to recover from this error, ensure that the door is securely closed, then start the formula again
Door/Inverter FaultWhen operating normally, the inverter closes an internal contact wired in series with CRDL pins 5 and 8. If the door is closed and the inverter is functioning, the input on MTA3-5 is grounded, as described in Section 4.1.2. If the inverter senses a fault, its internal contacts open and the input on MTA3-5 is lost. This same input is also lost if the door opens during operation.