Candy washer troubleshooting

One of the most well-known Italian brands of household appliances, Candy is a family-owned company founded in 1945. Models from the current washer dryer lineup are capable of washing a 10 kg load and drying a 7 kg load. The company is proud of the latest innovation in its washer range, a so-called Automatic Sensor Drying system which adjusts the drying time automatically.

Washer Candy CBL 160 troubleshooting

Candy CBL 160 is a front-loading washing machine with the maximum wash load (dry) equaling 5 kg. One of its key features is the Crease Guard function allowing to reduce the number of creases. There are special programs for delicate, resistant and wool fabrics.

1. Does not function on any programme
— Mains plug not plugged in
— Mains switch not on
— No power
— Electric circuit fuses failure
— Load door open
— Insert plug
— Turn on mains switch
— Check
— Check
— Close load door
2. Does not load water
— Inlet tap turned off
— Timer not set correctly
— Turn on water inlet tap
— Set timer on correct position
3. Does not discharge water
— Discharge tube bent
— Odd material blocking filter
— Straighten discharge tube
— Check filter
4. Water on floor around washing machine
— Leak from the washer between the tap and inlet tube
— Replace washer and tighten the tube on the tap
5. Does not spin
— The washing machine has not discharged water
— "No spin" setting (some models only)
— Wait a few minutes until the machine discharges water
— Turn the programme dial onto spin setting
6. Strong vibrations during spin
— Washing machine not perfectly level
— Transport bracket not removed
— Washing load not evenly distributed
— Adjust special feet
— Remove transport bracket
— Distribute the washing evenly