North Star pressure washer troubleshooting

America is a country of stylistic and technological contrasts. Thus, scientific achievements go with design in a solid symbiosis capable to conquer the hearts even of the most conservative buyers. Naturally, pressure washers North Star from the United States are no exception. Created with the use of the latest achievements in production areas, they guarantee their owners not only the universal use, but also a long service life. This, in particular, is facilitated by a troubleshooting system represented below in a tabular form.
North Star M157477A pressure washer troubleshooting
North Star M157593E pressure washer troubleshooting
North Star M15781120F pressure washer troubleshooting
North Star Ranger 157394 pressure washer troubleshooting

North Star M157477A pressure washer troubleshooting

Engine will not startSOLUTION: A
Low/Surging pressure or no water flowSOLUTION: B,C,D,E,F,G
No chemical injectionSOLUTION: H,I,J,K
A- Engine starting instructions not followed
B- Insufficient water supply
C- Plugged pump inlet filter
D- Nozzle in low pressure positionPull nozzle back for high pressure
E- Plugged nozzle orificeRemove nozzle orifice, check for blockage
F- Worn nozzle orificeReplace nozzle orifice
G- Leak in pressure hoseReplace pressure hose
H- Nozzle in high pressure positionPush nozzle forward for low pressure
1- Back pressure from extra long pressure hoseUse standard length hose
J- Leak in chemical siphon hoseReplace hose - use hose clamps if necessary
K- Chemical strainer not submergedMake sure strainer is completely submerged

North Star M157593E pressure washer troubleshooting

Engine Will Not Start
Low Oil ShutdownFill engine with the adequate amount of oil.
No FuelAdd diesel to diesel tank, bleed engine fuel line
Dead BatteryRecharge/Replace battery.
Air in fuel lineBleed air from fuel lines (pump purge)
Pressure Washer Runs But Burner Doesn't Fire
I teat switch turned OFFTurn heat switch ON.
Thermostat set too low or offSet thermostat to desired temp.
Fuel tank emptyFill fuel tank with diesel fuel.
Defective Pressure SwitchCall Product Support.
Pressure Washer Runs But No Pressure
Partially clogged or damaged nozzleClean or replace nozzle.
Clogged water filterClean water filter.
Low water flowMake sure the water supply is more than 4 gpm.
Pressure Washer Surges Or Cycles While In Bypass
Leak between unloader and gun.Check all connections between unloader and gun for leaks. Tighten loose components and replace damaged components.
Gun leaking internallyReplace spray gun.
Smoke From Heat Exchanger
Air band not adjusted properlyAdjust the air band until the burner burns cleanly.
Poor quality fuelUse kerosene for the cleanest burn.
Water Not Heating Sufficiently
Poor Or No Detergent Supply
Soap control knob set too low.Adjust soap control knob.
Inadequate detergent supplyRefill detergent container. Make sure chemical strainer is fully submerged.
High pressure hose too longUse less hose. Move machine closer to the work.
Chemical strainer or injector cloggedClean the strainer and injector. Always start with a clean detergent container. Run clean water through the injector after each use.

North Star M15781120F pressure washer troubleshooting

Low Oil ShutdownFill engine with the adequate amount of oil
Cold EngineChoke engine to start
No FuelAdd gas to fuel tank - Make sure fuel shutoff valve is open
Pressure build-up from initial useTrigger spray gun to relieve pressure
Engine not turned ONPlace ON/OFF switch in the ON position
Spark plug wire not attachedAttach spark plug wire to spark plug
Insufficient water supplyIncrease water flow - Check for kinked or pinched hose
Plugged inlet screenPull out and clean screen carefully
Need to use high pressure nozzleChange to the green, yellow, white, or red nozzle
Plugged nozzleRemove nozzle, check for blockage
Worn nozzleReplace nozzle
Leak in high pressure lineFix leaks
Need to use different nozzleChange to the black nozzle
Back pressure from extra-long hoseTry shorter high pressure hose
Leak in clear chemical hoseReplace hose. Use hose clamps if necessary
Chemical strainer not submergedMake sure strainer is completely submerged in solution

North Star Ranger 157394 pressure washer troubleshooting

The water pump will not startThe motor thermic protection is openCheck the mains voltage (+/- 5% tolerance). Check the phases in the plug are connected well.
The water pump will not enter in bypassThe no-return valve does not sealReplace the valve or the gasket and check the pressure valve body wear.
Leakage from the water system of the gunEliminate the leaks
The water pump does not reach maximum pressureNozzle wornReplace the nozzle
Pressure ball or adjustment housing worn or spring brokenReplace the fault) part
Pressure valve gaskets wornReplace the valve gaskets
Pistons seal gasket wornReplace the gaskets
Nozzle holding head in position low pressureTurn the head on high pressure
Strong vibrations on the water pumpWater supply insufficientCheck the water supply flow and the relative pressure (2-HO)
Check the water filter and clean it if necessary
Prime the pump without the lance
Alien matter under a check valveCheck the valves, clean and reassemble
The burner will not startDiesel filter blockedClean the filter
Diesel nozzle blockedClean the filter
Worn or broken electrodesReplace the electrodes
The pressure switch remains openReplace the pressure sw itch
Safety thermostat is openReplace the safety thermostat
Anormal noise of Diesel pumpLow dieselFill diesel tank or work on cold water
No detergent suctionHigh viscosity of the employed detergentFurther dilute the detergent
Detergent filter blockedClean the filter