E1 f9 error code maytag washer

If you see the F9 E1 error code, it means that it takes too much time for your washer to drain. If you have to wait more than 8 minutes, do the following:

Is the drain hose properly installed?

  • Make sure the ddrain hose is installed properly.
  • Check it for kinks and clogs.
  • Use the U-shaped drain hose form.
  • Make sure the standpipe (drainpipe) is 39″ (99 cm) – 96″ (244 cm) high.
  • Use the right type and the right amount of detergent to prevent suds. The manufacturer recommends using a High Efficiency (HE) detergent.

If these are ok, but the code is still there, check the drain pump. Not unlikely, you will need to replace it.