Electrolux washing machine e20 error codeInformation on the control display of the machine is sent by an electronic module that is controlled by a water level control sensor after the completion of the wash cycle. During normal operation of the pumping system, the sensor quickly turns off and cannot indicate an error. If the water does not drain, and the command for its execution comes from the logic of the circuit, the alarm contacts display error E20 via the electronics control system.

As you can see, the signal is produced by:

  1. hydraulic drain system;
  2. level control system built on the operation of the sensor and electronic devices;
  3. electric circuit with wires and clamps.

All these three components should be alternately checked for defects using the so-called method called “from simple to complex”. The simplified logic diagram of the formation of error code E20 will help you to understand the principle of troubleshooting.

We need take into account that the error can appear as a result of:

  1. the actual water in the drum, when the alarm from the sensor worked as it should;
  2. failures in the electronics or defects in the wiring.

With a good sensor, water may not drain from the drum for the following reasons:

  • garbage in the sewage system of the apartment, which blocked the drain of water;
  • clogging of drain lines of the hose, filter or water outlet;
  • malfunction of the pump.

Home master should check these parts first. If everything is normal with the drain system: water is drained from the drum into the sewage system, and error code E20 does not disappear, then you should look for defects in the alarm system of the Electrolux washing machine. They may result from:

  • malfunctions of the water level sensor;
  • defects in electrical wires or clamps;
  • fairly rare failure of the electronic unit.

The home master can fix some of these errors on one’s own checking the electrical circuits with a tester or multimeter, while others will require the help of a service center.

DIY repair

Before doing anything, we recommend that you plan your work, take all the security measures and eliminate the possibility of injury and damage to other property.

The first step is to switch off the washing machine. To do this, turn the program selection knob to the “Off” position. For the Electrolux EWS 1064 EWD, this is the circle at the top.

Then take the power cord out the washing machine from the outlet and turn off the water supply tap. These actions will help to avoid many troubles during the repair, associated with accidental errors when a person gets electric shock and to prevent unintentional flooding of the kitchen with water pressure.

Inspection of drain lines

After completing the preparation, move the washing machine away from the wall so that its rear part is accessible.

You can immediately see the manufacturer’s “protection against fools” – the drain hose is fixed with a special screw which can only be unscrewed with a special precision screwdriver.

This was done deliberately to keep the height of the hose 60 cm above the foor, otherwise its correct operation cannot be guaranteed due to the so-called “siphon effect”.

If you do not have such screwdriver, then you can simply skip this step. The only difficulty of the repair in this case is that all the water will have to be removed through the drain hole on the front panel where the filter is installed.

It is worth to warn about one more measure of security.

The technical description of the washing machine forbids cleaning the drain line system when the water in it is not cold.

After you unscrew the hose, lower the end of the hose and drained the water as much as possible into the sewer. Make sure that the sewage system works fine and there is no need to inspect it.

After this operation, the disassembled attachment of the hose can be immediately restored or it can be done after the final elimination of the breakage, but before moving the washing machine to the installation site.

Part of the water will drain through the hose and a small amount of it will remain inside/ Move on to the front panel. There is a door in the lower right corner. Click on it and get access to the drain filter.

Electrolux EWS 1064 EWD uses a very comfortable spherical filter mounting system. However, do not rush to immediately use it.

First, put a flat container where the rest of the water will drain to – you can move the drain unit only after that. Once all the liquid escapes into the container, the valve should be closed with a counter-clockwise motion.

After the water is completely drained, unscrew the filter. It is enough to turn it counterclockwise and pull it towards yourself.

If it clogged with the dirt, which completely blocked the drain line, then this was the original cause of error E20.

Clean the filter and put it back to its original place.

Get all the disassembled parts together, restore their mount.