If there is a E1 or F1 error code on the display screen, you are dealing with a control board issue.

What to do about it:

1. Disconnect the machine.
2. Undo the three screws on the top panel and remove it (the panel).
3. Open the dispenser drawer. Pull it as far out as you can. Lower the tab on the rear part of the drawer’s top, pull at the drawer a little harder and remove it from your washer.
4. Undo the screw, which you can see in the dispenser drawer housing.
5. Lower the tab on the right of the control panel’s inner side and release it from the washer’s side.
6. Open the door and lower the tab on the control panel’s underside. You can access it with a screwdriver through a slot in the door jamb’s top.
7. Unplug the control panel’s wire ribbon from the control board and remove the control panel.
8. Put the new control panel in place where the old one was fixed and connect the wire ribbon to the control board.
9. Put back the screw to the left of the dispenser drawer and fix the drawer.
10. Secure the top panel in its place and tighten the three screws.
11. Reconnect the washer to the mains and try a cycle.