The F30 error code indicates a problem in the dispenser assembly. Particularly, the motor, which switches water between the bleach, soap, and softener compartments, is faulty.  Because testing the dispenser is the first thing a washer does as a cycle is started, the washing will not start if there is a problem with the dispenser, and the F30 error code will appear.

The F30 error code can be caused by a number of things. Please, do the following:

  • Disconnect the washer from the mains and remove the top panel on the back side. To do so, unscrew the three mounting screws and slide the panel backwards.
  • Check the pipes, which connect the dispenser motor with the dispenser, for ob
  • Make sure that the
  • wiring between the dispenser motor and the main control board (central control unit, CCU), are not loose or damaged.
  • Make sure the dispenser motor rotates freely. If it is not, and is producing unusual knocking, clicking, or other sorts of noises, the motor needs to be repaired or
  • If you have checked all these components and there are no problems, have the CCU