Fisher and paykel washing machine error code 37

If there is the 37 fault code on your washer’s display, most likely, the pump is blocked. Disconnect the power. Remove the kick bottom panel and try to spin the pump manually. If the rotor is not spinning, there is something blocking the pump. This can be a small item (a sock, handkerchief, towel, etc.), lint, piece of debris, etc. Check once again that the washing machine is disconnected from the mains. Unplug the earth and power from the pump. Push the clip on the pump’s side to release it and remove the pump itself. Check the room, where the pump has just been: the items and debris mentioned above can be there. One you free it from all foreign objects, reassemble the whole thing in the reversed order. Reconnect the machine to the mains and run a cycle. The machine should start working properly again.