Frigidaire affinity washer error code e20

This fault code indicates that water is not draining properly from your washer. Also, it may indicate that the drum is not spinning well. To see exactly what it is, do the following:

Press any button to wake the washer, wait for a few seconds. Then press START and PAUSE/CANCEL at the same time. You will see E21, E23 or E24.

If you see E21, here are the steps you should do right now:

  1. Check the drain hole, drain hose for clogs
  2. Be sure that the hose is not kinked, bent or damaged
  3. Make sure the drain system is installed as required by the instruction
  4. Put the hose in a bucket and see if it is going to gravity-drain
  5. If it does, unplug the machine and remove the panel on the front bottom side
  6. Put towels on the floor
  7. Check the drain system and drain pump for foreign objects and clogs
  8. If there are no such things, you may need to repair or replace the pump.

If there is E23 or E24, you may be dealing with a control board issue. Most likely, the drain pump relay is down. Check and/or replace it using professional help.