Frigidaire affinity washer error code e90

This error code occurs for the following reasons:

  • Clogged/blocked filter
  • There is no communication between the control panel and the main circuit board.

To solve the first issue, unplug the washer, open the bottom panel and check the filter. Put towels or a tray on the floor to catch water, which may flow out of the unit.

The second problem may occur due to faulty wiring between the control panel and the main circuit board, or the circuit board has been influenced by moist.

You will need to get deep into the machine. It is advisable to take pictures as you disassemble the unit, so that you can refer to them when putting it back together.

Be sure that you have unplugged the machine. Remove the top. Check the main board on the left: it is connected with the control panel by a blue multi-stranded cable. Most likely, the error has resulted from poor connection at either side.

Take off the control panel by unscrewing (behind the detergent drawer) and unclipping it at the top. Disconnect the cable. Squeeze the connector using a pair of pliers for better connection. Do the same to the connector located at the other end of the cable. Take a closer look at the connectors; they can be wet and/or dirty. If they are, clean and/or dry them using a hair dryer.

Once you have carried out all these steps, reassemble your washer and run it. If the errors are still there, call your local service provider.