Frigidaire front load washer error code e41

Commonly, this error code means that the control board has detected a door lock issue, and the lock is not closing. If there are no visible signs of the lock not working and the door is clinging firmly to the body, try to reset the washer. Also, you can flip off the circuit breaker. Wait 10-15 minutes and restart the washer.

If the error is still there, you need to check the lock assembly. Remove it and test the resistance of the wax motor on the door lock. The orange element (also, it can be white), which you can see in the picture and video above, is the motor. Use a multimeter. Prior to carrying out any procedures on your washer, make sure it is unplugged!

If the multimeter says the resistance is 1500 ohms, the lock is all right. Then check the control board’s wiring and repair/replace faulty parts or the whole board.