Hotpoint washing machine error code f05

F05 is a fault code, which occurs either when the pump has stopped or the sump has accumulated a whole load of foreign stuff.

Check the outlet hose for blocks, clogs, and kinks. If there are not any, do the following:
To sort this isolate from mains

  • Remove the back panel.
  • Tilt the washing machine forward. It is advisable to use someone else’s help, because you won’t be able to hold it alone.
  • There will be a black hose attached to the tub (the sump).
  • Prepare a tub or bucket and release the jubilee clamp with an 8mm socket or star-head screw driver.
  • Pull down the sump and check it for debris blocking it.
  • Reassemble the sump, clamp it back, and tuck at the sump to ensure it is fitted well.

If the sump is all right, there must be something blocking the pump itself (a lint, foreign object, sock, handkerchief, button, etc.)

Incline the machine as described in the previous paragraph. Be sure that it is disconnected from the mains!

  • The pump is at the other end of the sump, on the left side (from the back perspective)
  • Lift the plastic gag and thus move the pump to the left.
  • Remove the plastic cover on top off the pump.
  • Disconnect all wires
  • Turn the pump around and find three hex-head screws.
  • Picture the screws, so that you won’t get confused when reassembling the unit. Undo the screws.
  • Remove the pump, check it and clean it.
  • Reassemble the unit, doing all these steps in the reversed order.

If this does not work, the pump is faulty and has to be replaced