Indesit washing machine f06 error code

Electronic washing machines (machines with electronic display) display error F06.

In the INDESIT washing machines with manual control, the program selection knob rotates and the POWER / START indicator flashes 6 times with a pause.

For electronic washing machines without display:

Error description

Error of buttons (commands) of a washing machine.

Signs of malfunction

The washing machine does not respond to the buttons and does not start washing.

  • Check contacts on all buttons;
  • Check the power outlet and power cord;
  • Try to restart the washing machine – disconnect it from the power supply for 15 – 30 minutes.

Repair and replacement

  • Replacement of the START button;
  • Replacement or repair of the board (TRIAC);

Diagnostics (and, if necessary, repair) of control board wiring.