Kenmore elite oasis he washer error code ld

The Ld error code appears when the water level remains unchanged even after the drain pump has been turned on. Press Stop to reset the washer.

Try the following steps:

  • Check the drain hose and the entire drain system for blockages and clogs. If there is water in the tub, try to remove it manually.
  • Disconnect the washer from the mains. Dry the drain pump by tilting the machine backward. Lean it against a wall or a well fixed large object. Disconnect the drain hoses and check them for clogs. Not unlikely, drain water will gush out of them, so have a tray, bucket and towels close at hand.
  • Check the drain pump itself for blockages, clogs, and damage (see Key 1 in the Image 1 below). Repair/replace damaged parts, if possible, or the entire pump.
  • Make sure there is nothing wrong with drain pump wiring and connections. A loose or broken wiring connection could prevent the pump from running.
  • If there is no drain issue, this can be due to a problem in the water level pressure switch, or there is no proper hose connection between the bottom of the tub to the pressure switch on the control board.