Kenmore elite washer error code ue

The UE fault code appears due to the overloaded tub, which causes imbalance and prevents it from spinning properly. The problem can be solved by simply redistributing the load by either taking out an item, if there are too many of them, or adding one if there is little load.

Provide optimal balance

To get your washer back to normal operation, try the following steps:

  1. If you load a large and heavy item, it can outweigh the tub and cause it to rattle, bang and thump during the cycle. If you notice that kind of vibration, pause it and redistribute the load as said above.
  2. Failure to provide a sufficient load can also cause imbalance. Please, add a few items and run the machine again.
  3. If you have a group of items to wash, keep adding them to the tub until it is moderately packed. If you have to apply force to load an item, it means you have loaded enough. Run the cycle and check the error.

Adjust the legs

If there are no balance problems, check the machine’s legs. Make sure it stands firmly on the floor. If it is rocking, it will vibrate during operation. This may cause the error to appear.

Find the leg, which is not adjusted properly (see in which direction the washer is rocking). Loosen the lock nut and rotate the leg (clockwise/counterclockwise) until it is leveled with the other three legs. When you have leveled all the legs, tighten the lock nut.