Kenmore elite washer lf error code

LF indicates a filling issue. In other words, turning on the inlet valves somehow does not result in the water level changing.

As a rule, washers require water supply pressure 20-100 PSI. Once water supply pressure drops below the lower limit, washers stop working properly. LF often occurs in such situations, because low water pressure slows down water inflow.

If you suspect there is low pressure in the water supply system, check it at other places. If it is low there too, the problem is not in the washer.

If it is under 20 PSI, the valve may change its position and it let water in even when the machine is not in a filling mode. To solve the problem, call your local water supply company and report the pressure issue.

Low pressure can affect the dispenser’s function: it may cause it to dispense irregularly or not dispense at all.

If the code has appeared on the display, do the following:

  • Make sure the hot and cold water valves are turned on
  • Check the hoses are not kinked, twisted or clogged
  • Check valve screens and remove debris, if any
  • Turn off water supply and check all inlet hoses for clogs
  • Remove foreign objects, if any
  • Be sure that each inlet hose has a rubber washer at its end
  • Reconnect the hoses and run a cycle to check them for leaks