Kenmore washer error code f33

Check the pressure switch

Normally, eight minutes after the machine is launched, the flow meter reports when water level reaches 10.5 gallons of water and the pressure switch trips. If the switch fails to trip, the main control board will stop the cycle. This can happen due to a communication problem. Once the washer stops, the F33 code appears on the display screen. Not unlikely, there are less than 10.5 gallons of water in the tub. This may be due to leaks in the tub, pressure switch hose, or a faulty flow meter. The pressure switch hose could have gotten damaged in the place where it gets close to the spinning drum.

Check the pump system

If there is F33 flashing on the screen, the pump drive system could have broken down. Check resistance at the pump’s connectors using an ohm meter. Make sure they are not loose and the wire harness on and near the pump is not damaged.

Main control board issue

If the above checks have not revealed any problems, the main control board may need to be repaired or replaced. Particularly, it may be failing to detect problems in the above units (the pressure trip switch, pump system, flow meter). Check the board’s connections and make sure they are not loose.