Kenmore washer error code f35

Washing machines have revolutionized household chores, and the Kenmore brand, with its long history of manufacturing home appliances, has been at the forefront of this revolution. Despite their reliability, Kenmore washers can occasionally experience issues, and an example of such a glitch is the F35 error code. The F35 error code is one that can cause some panic, but with a little knowledge and understanding, it can be rectified effectively.

What is the F35 Error Code?
The F35 error code on a Kenmore washer is related to a pressure switch failure. The pressure switch, also known as the analog pressure sensor, is an integral part of the washing machine. It communicates to the control board the water level in the washer tub. If this switch malfunctions, it could lead to overfilling or underfilling of the tub, which could harm the washer’s functionality and potentially damage your clothes.

Common Symptoms

When the F35 error occurs, the washing machine will halt its normal operation. You may notice the machine suddenly stop in the middle of a cycle or fail to start a new cycle. Moreover, a persistent beeping sound or the F35 error message on the digital display are common indications of this problem.

Causes of the F35 Error Code

The F35 error can be caused by a few different issues. A common reason is a malfunction of the pressure switch. This could be due to mechanical failure, a blockage in the air dome tube connected to it, or even faulty wiring.

Another cause could be a failure of the central control unit (CCU), the “brain” of your Kenmore washer, which could be preventing proper communication between the pressure switch and the rest of the machine.

Additionally, a clog in the air trap or drain pump can cause the pressure switch to send incorrect signals, resulting in the F35 error.

Troubleshooting the F35 Error Code

Before calling in a technician or deciding to buy a new washing machine, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Check the Pressure Switch: Locate the pressure switch in your washer (typically found at the top, behind the load size or water level knob). Check if it’s functioning properly by blowing into it. If it clicks, it’s likely working. If not, consider replacing it.
  2. Examine the Air Dome Tube: This tube connects the pressure switch to the tub. If it’s obstructed or has any holes, it can cause the F35 error. Clear any blockage or replace the tube if necessary.
  3. Inspect the Central Control Unit: If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, the problem might be with the CCU. You may need a professional to check or replace this component.
  4. Check for Clogs: Inspect the air trap and the drain pump. If there’s a clog, try removing it.
  5. Reset the Machine: Disconnect the washer from the power source for about a minute. This reset can sometimes clear the error.

Preventing Future F35 Error Codes

To avoid encountering the F35 error in the future, ensure you regularly clean and maintain your Kenmore washing machine. Pay special attention to areas like the air dome tube, air trap, and the drain pump, which can become blocked over time.

It’s crucial to understand the root cause of the F35 error in your Kenmore washer to fix it properly. Remember, while you can tackle minor issues yourself, it’s always advisable to consult a professional if you’re unsure or if the problem persists.

In conclusion, the F35 error code is a common issue that Kenmore washing machine users might face. With the information provided, you can not only identify the problem but also troubleshoot it effectively, potentially saving time and money. A well-maintained washer can last for years, providing you with clean and fresh clothes while contributing to a smooth-running household.