LG dishwasher error code le

Why does the LE error occur in LG dishwashers?

There are several reasons why the LE error occurs in LG dishwashers. In fact, there are five most common causes of this error. All of them refer to the motor. To be more specific, these issues are:

  1. Loose or burnt wiring;
  2. Locked impeller;
  3. Locked motor
  4. Locked blade
  5. Faulty PCB main control board.

If you see the error on the display, try to address these components one by one. Once you find the exact cause, you can repair or replaces the damaged part and clear the problem.

This is how you can do that:

Make sure that the water circulation pump motor is working properly. Carry out the following steps:

  • Switch off your dishwasher for 30-40 minutes and let the motor cool down. Not unlikely, it has overheated.
  • Try another cycle when it cools down and check if the LE error code comes back.
  • If it does come back, do the following:

If the cooling of the motor does not work:

  • Check the pump motor’s wiring harness for damage or loose/burnt connections.
  • Make sure that the impeller and rotor are not damaged or frozen.
  • If none of the parts mentioned above are faulty, there may be a problem in the pump or motor. Most likely, you will need to replace the pump and motor assembly.
  • Read the troubleshooting guide to ensure that you replace faulty parts properly. Be sure to buy components of the right type.