LG dishwasher ie or 1e error

The IE error means that your washing machine is not getting enough water. Most likely, the water taps are open only partially, or the pressure in the water supply system is too low. In winter time, this can be caused by a frozen pipe. Also, it is advisable to check inlet hoses, valves and filters for blockages, clogs, and other sorts of damage.

Cause 1

Solenoid Inlet Valve

This valve is responsible for filling the washing machine with water. A faulty valve will prevent the machine from filling properly. Check the screens inside the hose connection ports. Clear any debris from there. If the error persists, replace the inlet valve. Second, the problem may occur due to lack of pressure in the plumbing system. Check the pressure and compare its current level with that specified in the instruction manual.

Cause 2

Low Pressure in the Plumbing System

In order for the inlet valve to work properly, the plumbing system should provide a pressure of at least 20 psi. Check the pressure level to see if it reaches the appropriate level.