LG dishwasher pf error codeThe self-test system of the washing machine is able to detect a malfunction and highlight its code on the control screen. If your LG machine stopped during the wash and then the display showed error code PF, then it signals you about unstable voltage in the power grid.

The error can appear in any wash mode.

Causes of error

In order to fix the problem, you need to find out the cause of the malfunction.

  • One-time power outage can cause error PF.
  • Sharp voltage drops when it falls by 10% and rises by 5%.
  • The use of a powerful device (instrument, tool) which causes a voltage jump in the grid.

If the error code PF in the LG washing machine appeared once, then no action on your part is required. But if the system regularly displays the error – do not hesitate with the repair. Issues with electric components can lead to short circuit.

Let’s figure out how to fix the problem by yourself.

Solutions to the problem

Before you disassemble your LG washing machine, try the simpler methods of resetting the PF error. It means:

  1. When there is a temporary power outage, you only need to push On / Off button. This is enough to run the program.
  2. Check the power cord and power plug of the LG washing machine. insulation may be broken or the wire might be damaged. In this case you can either repair the damaged area, or change the cord and plug.
  3. Check the voltage in the power grid. Maybe the machine does not get enough power. You should call an electrician.
  4. There may be a break in the wiring between the noise filter and the electronic controller. Inspect this area, replace the damaged wires.

The most reliable measure to protect the equipment from power drops is a use of a stabilizer.

Please note that the short circuit may make the equipment unusable, moreover, it may cause a fire. Therefore, do not let the matter take its course.