Lg washer e6 error code

In LG washers, the E6 error signals a motor overheat, faulty clutch or a foreign object stuck in the system.

The error can be fixed as follows:

A piece of debris or item has stuck between the pulsator and the drum. Check these parts and remove it.


The motor has gotten too hot. Stop the washer and cool it down.

To find an object, if any, jamming the machine, do the following:

  • Check the drum using a flashlight.
  • Remove any objects found using pincers or pliers and run the washer.

If the error is caused by an overheat, stop the dishwasher and wait an hour or two. Then run it again and see what happens. The problem should disappear.

If it is still there and there are no foreign objects jamming the drum, there must be a problem with the clutch or the motor itself. See your model number and figure out whether it is Motor and Clutch or Clutch Motor Assembly.