LG washer error code tEThe user does not always understand what the error tE mean. Before displaying this error, the washer starts as usual – it starts washing but then it stops and writes the code. This indicates a problem with the heating.

How to interpret the error

Note that in some models of the LG washing machines, the error code tE is similar to error code FE. The user can confuse a small “t” with an inverted “F”. There’s nothing to worry about, but you need to understand what the trouble code means, so it’s important to read it correctly.

For the LG washing machine, error tE sounds as follows: fault or malfunction of the heating circuit.

The specific feature of the malfunction is that the washer does not heat water. If you touch the door glass during operation, you will feel it would be cold.

It is important to know! When the system displays error tE on the display and you urgently need to wash, set the wash program for cold water. All other modes, except for heating water, usually work correctly.

However, this does not mean that you can leave it to chance. We will explain how to fix the error and solve the issue without leaving home.

Heating element failure

What signs indicate a malfunction of the electric heater:

  • The machine washes in cold water, stops in the middle of the program.
  • Error tE is on the screen.

80% of the breakdowns are caused by a tubular electric heater (TEH) responsible for heating the water. Only the installation of a new, serviceable element will help with this issue.

Control unit issues

The machine worked as usual, but after the start it suddenly stopped and displayed error tE. Since the module is responsible for all processes in the machine, when it breaks the parts do not receive any signal to action. Therefore, you need to get the control unit and inspect the board for damage.

If you are sure that you can repair the board, then go ahead. If the module is faulty, the element needs to be replaced.

Malfunction of a temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the water temperature. Therefore, when it breaks down, water in the LG machine is not heated, the system stops the washing and displays error tE.

How to make a replacement:

  • Disconnect the washer from the power supply.
  • Remove the rear panel of the machine.
  • Unscrew the bolts and remove the bracket.
  • The temperature sensor is located inside the heater.
  • Disconnect all connectors. Then, pull out the thermo sensor connector by pressing the clamp.
  • Loosen the central nut in the heater and pull out the thermal sensor.
  • The installation of the new element needs to be done in reverse order.

Issues with the drying sensor

The drying sensor controls the temperature during the drying. Therefore, the error code can be displayed both at the washing stage and during the drying (if this program is on the list of washing machine modes). In this case, the operation of the washer is interrupted.

What can be done:

  • Unplug the LG washing machine, remove the top cover and the bracket beneath it.
  • Disconnect the door seal and connectors on the heating chamber.
  • Unscrew the bolts and open the heating chamber.
  • You will immediately see the sensor. Remove it and install a new part.