Maytag 9000 series washer error code f35

The F35 error code indicates a problem in the analog pressure sensor.

To clear the error (also, you may see SUD), reset the washer: unplug is and wait for about 30 seconds. Plug it back in, them open and close the door. Restart the cycle. Is there the SUD and/or F35 again? If you do, do the following:

Make sure the pressure hose is connected properly, not blocked, kinked or perforated.

Make sure the air trap is ok.

Please, check everything thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the check. If the hose is damaged, blocked or loose, this is probably the cause of the problem. Check the air trap and the tube for blockages or debris. If you have a compressor, try blowing the tube. If ther are no isssues, there may be a problem in the electronic control board or its wiring. Check the wiring harness and connections. If you find a loose one, fix it and restart your washer.