Neff dishwasher error code e25

A dishwasher is a very helpful tool, especially when you need to clean lots of dishes. However, they break down quite frequently, and often display annoying fault codes. Here are some tips on how to clear errors.

E25 is just one of them, and it may occur when the drain pump is blocked. This can impede the draining process, cause a flood, or stop the machine in the middle of the cycle.

Please, follow precautions: unplug the appliance prior to doing any work on it. Do the following things:

  • Check the pump and the drain line for debris. Not unlikely, there is a shard of glass or debris.
  • Test the pump’s terminals with a multimeter. It should read 100 to 300 Ohms. If the readings are close to zero or way beyond the range, the pump is faulty and needs to be replaced.