Neptune washer troubleshooting

Neptun washers are rather popular nowadays. But if you use any kind of household appliances or just any electronics, you should be aware of the fact that there can be some faults regarding its proper work. In this case the best way out is to use the guide devoted to the solving of any problems connected with the washer’s work. It is a manual that will lead you through the issues you can possibly face. For instance, if it won’t drain, troubleshooting manual is about to help you. So, before starting to panic, you should read the guide mentioned here and learn everything there. We are sure you’ll find the description of the problem!

Problem Cause \ Solution
Leaking Make sure supply hose connections are not leaking. Check for rubber gasket damage due to over tightening.
Make sure end of drain hose is correctly inserted and secured to drain facility.
Avoid overloading which can push the door partially open.
Check internal hose connections
Check tub cover. Remove, reposition and reinstall the tub cover seal. Seal seam must be at the top of the tub cover.
Display Lights Up When Door OpenedThis is normal behavior
No TumbleWasher does not tumble for the first 30 seconds after the door has been opened for safety purposes.
Fabric cycles such as DELICATES and HAND WASH only tumble for a few seconds every 30 seconds.
Check for loose connections at machine control board, motor control board and motor.
Perform Motor and Motor Control Test.
Washer does not tumble during some drains and rinse fills.
No Water FillCheck to make sure water supply turned on fully.
Normal water level is only 2.5 to 5 inches inside the spinner.
Check for kinks in inlet hoses.
Check for clogged inlet screens.
Visually check hot and cold separately at dispenser for ironer flows
NoisyClothes washer should be leveled properly as outlined in installation instructions
Weak floors can cause vibration and walking. Check for loose lower front bracket Be sure rubber feet are installed on leveling legs. Check that the leveling leg lock nuts are tightened
If complaint is a high-pitched noise during fill then disconnect supply hoses and clean screens. Check for proper spring placement of outer tub support springs
Check strut operation
Tub is completely full of sudsRun the clothes washer through another complete cycle using cold water and no more detergent. Reduce detergent amount for that specific load size and soil level. Towel loads have a minimal amount of soil present and typically create more suds. Use high efficiency or low sudsing detergent specially formulated for front load washers
Check for restricted drain system
Check for loose wire connections at control board and pump
Check to see if belt fell off motor and pulley.
Wet ClothesVery small clothes loads can cause unbalances add additional towels
Excessive suds may have been present
Check unbalance harness connections at all switches and at Control Board
Will Not UnlockUnplug and reconnect the power cord and wait 2 minutes to see if machine unlocks.
Check for door locked switch circuit to be closed at machine control.
Check to make sure belt has not fallen off.
Check for loose electrical connections at door lock and at machine control board.
Perform Motor and Motor Control Test.
Will Not StartPlug cord into live electrical outlet.
Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.
Push the START/PAUSE button to start the clothes washer.
Close door and push the START/PAUSE button to start the clothes washer. START/PAUSE LED should change from flashing to on continuously.
Check to see if the washer is in a pause or soak period in the cycle. Wait briefly and it may start.
Check for restricted drain system.
Will Not DrainCheck for restricted drain system.
Check low and high water levels. Go to No Fill test
Check for 120 VAC at the pump when a spin cycle is selected.
Wrong Water TemperatureToo Hot/Too Cold; since this product uses a low amount of water, the board regulates the incom- ing flow to temper the actual temperature of the water in the tub. This may appear to be significantly warmer/cooler than expected
Are both faucets on fully?
Make sure temperature selection is correct.
Make sure hoses are connected to correct faucets and inlet connections. Flush water line before filling washer.
Check the water heater. It should be set to deliver a minimum 120?F (49?C) hot water at the tap. Also check water heater capacity and recovery rate.
If the water heater is located a long distance from washer, water line may need to be purged prior to starting wash cycle.
Disconfirm inflict hoses and clean
This washer can sense if the fill hoses have been reversed between hot and cold. If the fill hoses on the washer were previously installed incorrectly and then corrected, the washer will need to be run through a Hot / Cold cycle. If not resolved, check for proper resistance on the water valve thermistor.