Samsung front load washer error code dc

The UE (in newer models) or DC (in older models) fault codes suggest improper loading, which puts the system out of balance. Usually, following proportions between heavier and lighter laundry items solves the issue and helps users avoid trouble. Reload your washer and distribute items properly. Press the Start/Pose button.

In some cases, the error occurs due to poor leveling and misadjusted legs. There are washers having 2 and 4 adjustable legs. When installing your washer, make sure it is not swaying. Once it sits firmly, tighten all locknuts. Loose legs can cause your machine to jump and thump during operation.

Make sure your machine is leveled and aligned properly. Use a spirit level or an electronic leveling device (there are smartphone apps!). Place your washer on a hard and flat surface. Do not forget to balance laundry loads and do not use too many large and heavy items at once. Press Start/Pause. If the error is still there, call a trained technician.