Samsung washer e3 error code

If the E3 error code appears on the display screen, please, do the following:

  1. Disconnect your Samsung washing machine from the mains socket and wait for 2-3 minutes to let the capacitors on the printed control board discharge. Plug it back in. If the code disappears and the machine starts working again, the error was caused b y a glitch, power surge, or poor communication. In such case, this kind of resetting usually works.
  2. The second most common cause of the E3 error is poor wire connection in and around the motor. To fix the issue, you need to get to the motor. Remove the back access panel and check the motor and wire harness on the back right side. Not unlikely, some contacts of the inside of the molex connection have burnt. It is advisable to check the first couple of inches of the wire that is coming out of the molex connector, because they often grow brittle.
  3. Also, the error may occur due to poor control board connections. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check the control board and wire harness. Connections should be firm, and there should be no signs of burning or melting. After you have checked each connection at a time and fixed loose ones (if any), run the washing machine once again and make sure the error is gone. If it is not, read on.
  4. The hall sensor is located on the back of the washer, and it monitors the rotation of the tub (direction and speed) monitors the speed and direction of the tub. The error may appear due to poor wiring and/or connection, as well as damaged wire harness. It takes a bit of skill to test and diagnose the issue. It is recommended to ohm the hall sensor out either directly from the sensor or from the board using a multimeter. If you have chosen the latter and it has tested well, there is no broken wire.

Well, if none of the issues is detected, most likely, the error is caused by a faulty motor. It will need to be repaired or replaced. Although Samsung washers are generally renowned for their reliable motors, there seems to be a growing number of faulty ones, because the occurrence of the 3E error code has increased.