Samsung washer error code 3e

The 3e error code signifies poor or loose wiring connection or damaged wire harnesses. The problem may occur in any wire harness, e. g. aroud the control board, motor, hall sensor, etc. It takes a bit of knowledge and skill to test all these systems and find where exactly a disconnection has occurred. Once it is reconnected, the system will start working again, and the error will disappear.

If you have a Samsung Washer WF328AA Model Number Series, and there is the 3E dancing on the display screen:

  • Disconnect the washer from the mains socket
  • Make sure you can get to any inside part of the device to check it
  • Make sure motor drive connector is not loose
  • Check the hall sensor and the wiring around it for disconnections and damage
  • Make sure that the drum motor hall sensor is positioned properly
  • Make sure there are no foreign objects in the motor and none of its parts is damaged
  • Check the stator: it can be loose or damaged
  • Make sure that all relays on the control board are operational
  • M ake sure that the wire harness between the motor and the control board is not loose or dammaged
  • Make sure that none of the wire harness are disconnected, loose or damaged