Samsung washer error code 4e

The 4e error indicates that the washing machine is not getting water for some reason. This is pretty clear: you cannot hear water coming, and you cannot see it through the glass. In Samsung washing machines, the error may occur at the very beginning of the cycle or at the rinsing stage, when soapy water has drained and there is no fresh water coming.

Some Samsung washing machines mark this error as 4c.


This error may occur due to:

  1. Interrupted or cut-off cold water supply.
  2. A foreign object stuck in the input valve.
  3. Improper connection to the water supply system (cold and hot water connected in the reversed order).
  4. Lack of pressure in the water supply system.
  5. Failure to connect the dispenser hose to the detergent drawer.

Fixing it

If there is water in the system, but the machine is not getting water and is showing the 4e error code, do the following:

  1. Check the tap and inlet valve for leaks. Usually, this error is caused by leaks.
  2. Check water pressure in the inlet hose.

If there is enough pressure, the problem may be caused by a blocked inlet filter. Clean or replace the filter and run the machine again. If the error is still there, most likely, an internal part is faulty. In this case, a technician’s help is required.

How do I clear the 4e error if there is no water in the system at all? Check the inlet hose. The following scheme gives a clear idea of how to do that.