Samsung washer error codes se

The 5E (SE) error often occurs due to improper maintenanace and careles handling. However, there are other causes as well.

Why does it happen?

Usually, it appears when the washing is over and the machine is about to start rinsing. At this stage, the machine is programmed to drain waste water and feed clean water for rinsing. Thia is exactly when the problem arises. The system displays the 5E error because it just cannot drain waste water.

The machine’s inability to drain water is just what the code stands for. So, what causes thiss error and what prevents the system from draining water? There are three common causes:

  • The drain filter is clogged so badly that it won’t let water through;
  • There is a clog down the drain hose, near the filter or where the hose is connected to the trap pipe;
  • The drain pump is faulty.

Some Samsung washer models display an ‘nd’ or ‘SE’ instead of ‘5e’ – they all denote the same thing. Please, do not mix it up with the E5 code, which may indicate a problem in the heating element!

Troubleshooting order

If your washer has gone down in the middle of a cycle and there is the 5E code on the screen, check the debris filter, which is usually located in the bottom right corner of a machine’s body. This is a common procedure described in the instruction manual. If you are not familiar with the procedure, it means that your have never cleaned the filter. When you have cleaned it, run the machine. If the error is still there, proceed to the next step.

Check the drain hose for clogs. Take all linen out of the drum, disconnect the drain hose from the trap pipe or sewer and put its end in the sink or bath. You will see waste water drain from your machine. Start the cycle and watch. It the pump is forcing water down the drain horse, and it is just trickling, the hose is clogged.

Samssung washers are pretty quiet, but if you listen carefully, you can catch a specific sound produced by the operating drain pump. If the wash cycle is over and you see no water coming out of the drain hose and you cannot hear the drain pump’s sound, most likely, it is a pump issue!