Samsung washing machine error code DE

The Ed sign on the washing machine display informs the owner about issues with the door. Quite often, the cause of the error is not in the breakdown of the equipment, but in inattention when using the washer and in careless use of the door.

The washing machine can be usually restored without professional help.

Signs of the problem

Error code Ed is a rarely seen one. This designation was used in the models manufactured before 2008. In the modern line-up, error Ed on the Samsung washing machines has been replaced with the symbols De.

The code can be supplemented with numbers. The complete list of possible errors is as follows:

  • De;
  • De1;

In some models of Samsung washers, error codes with an additional letter “c” are used:

  • Dc;
  • Dc1;

Some Samsung washing machines use verbal designations, instead of error codes – like “door error” or just “door”.

In machines that do not have a display, similar error are signaled by the flashing of the LEDs and the illumination of all water temperature indicators at once.

What if the washing machine fails and displays one of these symbols? We will try to explain.

Possible issues with Ed

When Ed appears on the Samsung washing machine control display, a number of difficulties may occur with the washer:

  • the door fails to close;
  • if the machine generates error Ed at the end of the wash, the door cannot be unlocked;
  • the door may be closed, but the lock does not work.

Depending on the operation of the washing machine, the problem may be both insignificant or the one that requires professional repair.

For the initial inspection of equipment:

  • make sure the washing machine is tightly closed;
  • check if there are any foreign objects between the door and the body that do not let the door close.

Check the control unit

Error code Ed on the display can indicate issues with the electronic control unit. Try to make the washing machine “reboot” itself by switching it off for a few minutes. If such trick did not help to reset the error, the problem is in the door locking mechanism.