Samsung washing machine error code uc

The Samsung washing machine sometimes display error codes UC, 9C, 9E1, 9E2, which indicate issues with electricity.

When the error occurs

If you wish to find out what error UC means, you need to find out when it appears on the display. The Samsung washing machine displays the error:

  • After the start of the wash, when the door is locked, and you press the start button;
  • After the first fill of water;
  • After the heater heats up;
  • During the spin cycle, when the drum is just starting to spin.

Error 9C may appear on the display at any other time during operation. The solution of the problem depends on the correct detection of the cause.

Errors 9E1, 9E2, 9C, UC indicate issues with power supply. If the washing machine faces an increase or decrease in voltage, it shows the error during the washing process.

Error 9E2 appears on the display of the washing machine when the anomalous voltage lasts for 30 seconds and the system detects it.

Samsung models, released before 2012, did not react at voltage jumps from 175 to 270 V. Modern models are equipped with super-sensitive surge protectors. Therefore, many residents of small settlements have faced the problem of how to solve the problem when the 9E1 indication takes place.

With a short voltage surge, the UC code disappears by itself. The washing machine continues the washing program automatically.

Why the error occurs

When the display of the washing machine shows error 9E2, the causes are:

  • Faults in the power outlet;
  • The use of improper or low quality extension cord;
  • Sharp voltage surge;
  • Voltage which does not meet the standards;
  • Short-term failure in the control unit;
  • Control unit malfunction.

When error UC is on, it can often be fixed independently. Sometimes you might need to address the serviceman, because there was a breakdown.

How to fix the problem

You can make the error disappear by simply “resetting” the washer; after that, you will see whether the fault code reappears. You will need to:

  • Turn off the washer by pressing the appropriate button and removing the cord from the outlet;
  • Wait 5 minutes;
  • Plug it in and start the washing machine again.

If after that, the machine works fine and no longer displays code UC, then it was a short-term voltage failure. If the code reappears on the display, then it is necessary to look for the cause further in order to eliminate the malfunction.