The UL (unbalanced load) error code indicates lack of balance, and the washer is just trying to automatically fix the problem.

If there is too much load for your washer to handle, it will stop, and the code will be there. Reload it (remove some items), close the lid and push Start/Pause.

If there is unusually intense vibration as the drum is spinning, the machine is likely to stop with the dial flashing. Redistribute items and make sure the washer is level and not swaying.

Do not load soaked items or add water to the basket, because thus you may break the balance.

Insufficient loading is not good either. Load your washer in such a way as to leave an optimal amount of space in the basket. For example, you can load a pair or two of jeans and a few towels.

If the flashing continues, optimize the load, close the lid and push Start/Pause.

If you need to wash large nonabsorbent items (poly-fill jackets, blankets, etc.) use the Bulky/Sheets Deep Water Wash cycle. Do not use this cycle for other types of items. Please, read the cycle guide in your instruction manual.