The E01 and F09 codes indicate a draining issue, which may be due to a faulty or blocked drain pump (blocked or clogged filters). It you have tried resetting the machine and it has not worked, you need to check the pump and components around it. Remove the washer’s back panel.

The pump will be readily visible. First, check the hose connecting the drum’s bottom with the drain pump (see the picture). Disconnect both the small and large ends of the hose and check it for debris. If necessary, clean it.

Check the pump: it can be blocked as well. It is advisable to remove the pump. Unhook all hoses and disconnect wires. Pull out the pump and remove the cap, which you can see on its side. Clear any foreign objects and debris from it.

Put the pump back, reconnect all wires and hoses, and try a cycle. Most likely, the washer will drain much better.