This error code signals a water supply problem. In other words, there is too little water or no water at all coming in.

The first thing you want to do is check if the water valves (both cold and hot) are open. You should be aware that the washer should get water from both the cold and hot water pipes. If at least one hose is turned off or not connected, the washer will not function properly. Besides, there must be sufficient pressure in cold and hot water systems. These two sources of water supplement each other and optimize water supply and intake.

There are other things to check as well. If there are no problems with the inlet valve, check the following:

  • Be sure that the water supply hoses are not twisted, bent, blocked or clogged.
  • Be sure that the water inlet filter is not blocked/clogged. It is located exactly where the hoses connect to the washer.

Check the filter’s screens in the following way:

  • Turn off the valves
  • Remove the hoses at the valves
  • Check the screens and remove debris, if any
  • Put the hoses back on the valves
  • Turn on the water and make sure there are no leaks