The F8 F3 fault code indicates that the washer has detected a flood or there is too much water in the tub. There is no reason to be worried until there is more water than halfway up the door. This may be due to a faulty water level sensor. Stop the cycle and drain the water from the washer. Manually open the door and replace the pressure switch. It is attached to the right-side wall under the top panel. If you cannot open the door (it is locked), remove the lower front panel. Try to reach up and pull down a plastic tab located in the lower part of the door lock. The door will open.

Now you need to reach the pressure switch. Incline the machine backwards, remove the screws from the top panel’s back, and slide the panel back, up and off. There will be the pressure switch fixed on the right-side wall. You will easily recognize it by wires and small rubber hose going to it. Unhook the hose and check it by blowing through it. If there are no obstructions, but the problem is still there, replace the pressure switch.