The SUD code indicates a “suds lock” resulting from too much suds accumulating in the system. Also, it may happen due to a faulty pump and/or overloaded drum.

What could have caused it?

You have loaded too much detergent. Try a Rinse/Spin cycle with a Normal cycle following it. Do not use detergents. Thus you can clear al suds from your washer.

  • Check the drain hose for kinks, plugs, twists, etc.
  • Make sure that wire harnesses between the drain pump, pressure switch and CCU (central control unit) and ok, and there are no damaged or loose connections.
  • Check the drain pump’s filters for debris
  • Check the drain pump’s functioning
  • Make sure that the pressure switch is functioning properly.
  • Check the central control unit and replace it, if necessary.

If you need to get to the pressure switch, remove the top. First, undo the three screws on the back. Slide the top backwards and lift it. The pressure switch will be in the right rear corner. There will be a small tube connected to it. Unhook the tube and check it for blockages (blow into it). Then reconnect it to the switch and run the washer.