5e error code samsung dishwasher

If you see the 5E error in the middle of a wash cycle, most likely, there is a problem with the pump, a clogged or bent hose. However, it is not always so. Please, note the following:

  1. Does it appear when the wash cycle is over and the soap dispenser is released?
  2. Does it appear before the cycle is completed, when the soap dispenser is closed?
  1. Check the drain hose: disconnect it from the sewer pipe and put its end in a bucket. Launch a cycle to see if the pump is functional and if the hose/filter are blocked. No need to be afraid of flooding the room: the pressure is low, because the machine uses only 2 gallons of water. If blocked, clean the hose and the drain filter or replace the pump.
  2. In this case, you must be dealing with a problem in the flow sensor (DD94-01006A). Not unlikely, it has failed due to water impurities, burnt contacts, loose wiring, or it has gone out of order.

The only way to see why exactly it has happened is to visually inspect and test the device. The sensor is located in the bottom left corner of the machine. It has a shape of a float. It looks like a semi-transparent box with a black object inside and wires leading to it. It could have stopped working because it needs a little cleaning. It is very easy to disconnect the wires and clean the contacts. It works as a float and it should go up and down without a hitch. If the sensor seems too bad, buy a new one at around $35.00 and replace it. Make sure that the inlet hose to the float is clean and not blocked (DD67-0057A).