speed queen washer error code fl

A leak error.  To fix a leak, do the following:

  • Locate damaged hoses and replace them

Check the back of your washer: if there is water, the inlet hose is leaking. Pull the machine forward and run a fill cycle. Keep an eye on the water supply hose and connections. If you see water dripping, stop the cycle, turn off water supply and replace faulty parts. Leaks may occur due to perforation, corrosion, wear, etc. If the hoses are ok, check the pump. If it is leaking, replace it.

  • Check internal hoses

If there are no leaks in the inlet hose or its connections, disassemble the machine and check the hoses inside. If your machine is belt-type, remove the rear access panel. If it is a direct-drive one, undo the two screws on the control panel and pull up the lid. Unclip the cabinet and pull it off. Run a fill cycle and check the hosing for leaks. If you spot one, stop the machine and take steps to replace the faulty part(s).

  • Leaky pumps must be replaced

Usually, leaks occur at the pulley seal. If this happens, the pump cannot be repaired and has to be replaced.

  • Check fittings

Leaking tub fittings pose a lot of problems. It can be due to a damaged center post gasket, air dome seal or tub seals. If you see water dripping from the tub or spots located close to it, determine the exact part that has gone faulty. The choice of replacement parts depends on your machine’s model and brand.