speed queen error code nf

To fix the error, you can try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the hoses are not damaged

This is the first thing to be checked when there is a water input issue. Check the hoses behind your machine and be sure they are not kinked or perforated. Also, it is advisable to blow each hose and ensure they are not clogged. See that all faucets are on.

  1. Check the lid switch

These washing machines feature a kind of safety device, which won’t let the motor start unless the lid is closed. If there is a problem with the lid switch, it won’t supply power to the inlet valve. Inspect the switch visually and be sure that all the levers and actuators are functional, stuck or damaged.

  1. Is the water level switch ok?

This one is number three. Locate the control panel and get to the water level switch. Check it for continuity using an ohm meter. Make sure it reads as specified in the manual. If it is not or there are signs of damage on it, replace the switch.

  1. Check chamber pressure level

Washing machines often stop due to lack of pressure in the chamber. This may happen due to air bubbles blocking the tubing. To eliminate the problem, clear the tube and run a cycle. If that does not work, replace the pressure chamber.