Frigidaire dishwasher error code i30

It would be advisable to try resetting the dishwasher. Unplug it and wait for about 30 minutes. Also, you can flip the circuit breaker and wait. Then plug it back in and run a cycle.

As follows from users’ experience, sometimes this procedure works, but sometimes it does not. There have been complaints that the error was accompanied by pump malfunctions. Some have reported pumps running uncontrollably, even when there was no load, others said the pump would not work at all. Most have said that there is water in the base tray.

Most likely, the unstable work of the pump is due to the flood switch. It features a Styrofoam float, which rises when water accumulates in the tray and signals the main control board to limit the intake of water. This is how it works to prevent an overflow. As to the cases with the pump running without any load, this may be due to a faulty switch or a problem in the main control board.

What can I do about it?

If you realize that there is water in the base tray, prepare a bucket and/or a tub and tip the dishwasher forward at about 45 degrees to drain the base tray. Don’t forget to disconnect it from the mains and the water supply. Put the machine on the back and remove the side panels. Check all the tubes and pipes inside for leaks. If there are not any, consider using another detergent: this could be due to excess suds.

Check the drain hose for kinks, bends and clogs. Make sure the inlet valve is not clogged or damaged either.

If all of the above is all right, this can be due to a faulty flood switch, pump, of main control boards. Check the wiring and contacts: they could have gone loose or rusted. If these are ok, most likely, some of these components need to be replaced.