Washing machine not going into the spin cycleWhat should I do if there is the Spin Cycle Error message on the display?
First, dismiss any simple versions that are not related to technical issues and arise from misuse, such as:

  1. Overloaded tub
  2. A too heavy or large item has been loaded
  3. Underloaded tub
  4. Improper mode selection
  5. If a foreign object gets into the tub, it may get stuck and fail to spin properly at high speed.

washing machine not going into spin cycle

If you load a large item, laundry may twist into a bundle inside the tub and cause imbalance. The spin cycle will fail, and the error message will appear on the display. The system will stop the washing process and thus prevent the damage of the transmission mechanism. The spin cycle will not restart until you load the tub properly. To do so, switch off the washing machine, then disable Spin Cycle and switch it on again. Once the washing is finished, open the door and unroll the bundle. Reload the tub and select Spin Cycle.
Underloaded tub may also cause the machine to stop. Today’s advanced systems detect such issues and stop the process. Things may get worse if the error is caused by a foreign object. It may not only block the tub, but also damage it and cause leaks. To solve the problem, get the foreign object out of the tub immediately!
LG spin cycle error code
(UE – LG Washing machine not going into the spin cycle. See: LG washer error code)

Malfunctions that stop the tub in the Spin Cycle mode

Very old and worn-out washing machines often have gear problems. Gear damage causes the tub to screech while spinning. Also, spin cycle issues may occur due a failing control module, worn out transmission belt or motor.
If your washing machine stops during Spin Cycle, do not rush to a repair service. Restart the mode, check the laundry and see how heavily the tub is loaded. Check the machine for clogs and foreign objects.