Asko washer troubleshooting

A washer is one of the most necessary things in a daily life. When choosing what kind of washer to buy, you should learn in a detailed way what possible faults can await you. At the same time it’s vital to understand that all technology products can have faults in their work. So, if you faced any problems with Asko washer it’s absolutely fine. There can be some issues with draining. Some stuff can happen with the spin, meaning that the machine will move during the process. Don’t be afraid and at first try to manage the problem by your own. If it doesn’t help, then you can call the special service so that they could manage the situation.

Problem/errorCauseWhat to do?
Washing machine door does not open.• Water level too high.• Drain the water using the Drain or Spinning program.
• Water temperature in the washing machine is too high.• Wait for the water temperature to drop and pump out the water. If you still cannot open the door, use the emergency door opening tool
The machine will not start.• Power supply failure.• Press the Start/Pause/Stop button to resume the program.
Washing program is not in progress.• Washing machine door is not properly closed.• Firmly press on the washing machine door until you hear two clicks when it is closed.
• There is no voltage in the power outlet.• Check if the plug is connected to the power outlet and whether there is electric current (or voltage) in the outlet.
• Delayed start function has been selected.• To cancel the delayed start function, press the Start/Pause/Stop button and hold it for three seconds.
Washing time is longer than anticipated (the time is regularly updated on the display unit).• Low inlet water temperature.• Program duration can be up to 60% longer than initially anticipated in the normal progress.
• UKS* (*unbalance system) stability system engaged due to unevenly distributed laundry.• Program time is extended due to the need to redistribute the laundry in the drum.
• Low mains voltage.•Washing machine needs more time because the power mains voltage is too low.
• Power supply failure.• Program time is extended by the duration of the power supply failure.
Display does not light up.• There is no voltage in the appliance.• Check if the plug is connected to the power outlet and whether there is electric current (or voltage) in the outlet.
The wording on the display unit is not in your language.• You have not selected your preferred language yet.• Choose the preferred language
Wet laundry• A small amount of laundry will often be unevenly distributed.• Loosen and redistribute the laundry and select the Drain or Spinning program.
• Increase the amount of laundry in the washing machine and restart the program
There are traces of grease (or grease rolls) on the clothes.• The laundry was very greasy.• Wash the laundry again. When your laundry is this heavily soiled, add more washing powder or use a liquid detergent.
There are still stains on the laundry.• You used bleach-free liquid detergent or powder detergent for coloured laundry.• Use a detergent that contains bleach.
• You selected an unsuitable program.• Use special stain removers.
There are white residues of washing powder on the laundry.•This is not due to poor rinsing by your washing machine, but rather due to phosphate- free detergents which contain ingredients (zeolites) for water softening. These ingredients may be deposited on the laundry.• Immediately rinse the laundry again.
• Use liquid detergents that do not contain zeolites. •Try removing any residues with a brush.
There is powder detergent left in the main wash compartment of the detergent dispenser tray.• Water pressure not high enough.• Clean the net on the water supply hose.
• Some washing powders may stick strongly to the dispenser tray if it is empty.• Choose higher water level or extra rinse
• Wipe the dispenser tray before adding the powder detergent.
There is conditioner left in the conditioner compartment of the dispenser tray.• Plug cap is not positioned correctly or it is clogged.• Make sure the plug cap in the conditioner compartment of the dispenser tray is positioned correctly.
•Clean the plug cap
Odour in the washing machine drum.• Residues of fabric, washing detergent, and conditioner in the filter.• Check if the filter is clean.
• Development of germs and bacteria.•Choose a self-cleaning (Drum Cleaning) program
Machine is moving during operation.• Feet not adjusted correctly.• Level the feet
• Transport bolts not removed.• Remove the transport bolts
Machine is moving during spinning.• Unevenly distributed laundry or not enough laundry.•The washing machine will automatically decrease the spin speed if vibration is too strong.
• Increase the amount of laundry in the washing machine and restart the program