Baraid dishwasher error codes

The BarAid brand was created by the Hobart UK company. Today Hobart has focused on developing its Ecomax brand, but there still are a lot of Bar Aid machines in households and restaurants. BarAid dishwashers and glass washers are energy efficient appliances performing at a high level.
Below you will find a comprehensive list of error codes for BarAid appliances.

BarAid dishwasher error codes

ALDrain hose blocked.Restart drain cycle. Clean drain hose if necessary.
HEIRinse booster heating defective.Call the after sales service.
d OExternal demineralisation cartridge depleted.Replace cartridge.
Salt deficiency (only with built-in softener).Refill the softener with granular regeneration salt.
FILShut-off valve is closed.
Fill valve or fill system defective.
Open shut-off valve at site and switch on machine again.
Call the after sales service.
SIETank strainer not correctly positioned.Put strainer correctly in place.
ULDrain hose blocked.
Fill system or drain system defective.
Clean drain hose and restart drain cycle.
Call the after sales service.
FO1Temperature probe "rinse booster" defective.Call the after sales service.
FO2Temperature probe "tank" defective.
FO3Pressure transmitter "rinse booster" defective.
FO4Pressure transmitter "tank" defective.
. . .Softener regeneration active (only with built-in softener).