Baraid dishwasher error codes

In today’s bustling life, technology has simplified many aspects of our daily chores. One such facet is dish cleaning, for which dishwashers have become an indispensable part of modern households. Among the plethora of dishwasher brands, BarAid is a preferred choice due to its high efficiency, eco-friendly approach, and advanced functionalities. Nonetheless, like any technology-driven appliance, BarAid dishwashers can occasionally show certain issues, represented by distinct error codes. This article will navigate through these BarAid dishwasher error codes, offering a deeper understanding of what they mean.

The Rationale Behind Error Codes

Error codes are essentially a communication system, using symbols or alphanumeric sequences that home appliances display to indicate a specific malfunction. BarAid dishwashers come equipped with a digital screen where these codes manifest, aiding users or technicians in detecting and remedying the problem.

Key BarAid Dishwasher Error Codes

Here, we discuss some commonly seen BarAid dishwasher error codes:

  1. E1: This error indicates an issue with water intake. It can occur due to an obstruction in the water supply or if the dishwasher can’t fill properly. Verify the water supply line and the inlet hose for potential blockages.
  2. E2: When your dishwasher displays E2, it implies a drainage problem. The appliance can’t discharge water effectively. Inspect the drainage pump and hose for possible blockages.
  3. E3: This code stands for a heating anomaly. The water inside the dishwasher isn’t reaching the necessary temperature. A malfunctioning heating element or thermostat could be potential culprits.
  4. E4: An E4 error indicates an overflow scenario. If the machine has more water than needed, it could trigger this error. Check the dishwasher for leakage or an abundance of suds.
  5. E5: The E5 error code corresponds to a problem with the spray arms. Check whether the spray arms are obstructed or stuck.

Addressing Error Codes

Often, these error codes can be rectified through fundamental troubleshooting that you can execute before calling a professional. Unblock any clogged hoses, examine the water supply, look over the heating components, and ascertain that the spray arms are operational. If these measures don’t correct the problem, professional help is advised.

Preclusion of Error Codes

Proactive steps can help maintain your BarAid dishwasher in top shape and avert the occurrence of error codes. Regular upkeep, including cleaning the filters, inspecting spray arms, confirming that the dishwasher is well-balanced, and avoiding overloading the appliance, can help avoid triggering these codes.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Although some issues can be fixed through fundamental troubleshooting, others may necessitate expert intervention. Intricate problems concerning the electrical components or replacing parts should be managed by trained technicians. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if you’re unsure about an error code or if the issue persists despite troubleshooting.


Understanding BarAid dishwasher error codes is key to preserving the efficacy and lifespan of your appliance. By tackling these issues head-on, you can prolong your dishwasher’s operational life and maintain its peak performance. Always bear in mind that while minor issues can be addressed with DIY fixes, don’t shy away from seeking professional help when needed.

In essence, a BarAid dishwasher is a resilient appliance designed for frequent use. But, like all appliances, it can display error codes when there’s a malfunction. Comprehending these codes and responding effectively ensures your dishwasher remains a handy, labor-saving tool in your kitchen. Always consult a professional when unsure, keeping your BarAid dishwasher in optimal condition.

BarAid dishwasher error codes

ALDrain hose blocked.Restart drain cycle. Clean drain hose if necessary.
HEIRinse booster heating defective.Call the after sales service.
d OExternal demineralisation cartridge depleted.Replace cartridge.
Salt deficiency (only with built-in softener).Refill the softener with granular regeneration salt.
FILShut-off valve is closed.
Fill valve or fill system defective.
Open shut-off valve at site and switch on machine again.
Call the after sales service.
SIETank strainer not correctly positioned.Put strainer correctly in place.
ULDrain hose blocked.
Fill system or drain system defective.
Clean drain hose and restart drain cycle.
Call the after sales service.
FO1Temperature probe "rinse booster" defective.Call the after sales service.
FO2Temperature probe "tank" defective.
FO3Pressure transmitter "rinse booster" defective.
FO4Pressure transmitter "tank" defective.
. . .Softener regeneration active (only with built-in softener).