Bosch dishwasher e16 error

If your wash cycle has just ended, and there is the E16 nuisance on your display, you must be dealing with an inlet valve problem. This can impede the filling process.

Please, read the following information and do the steps described. These depend on the exact cause of the problem. Please, note that if the inlet valve is faulty, you won’t be able to repair it, and it will need to be replaced. Whatever the cause is, you will get your dishwasher working like clock again if you do these steps:

Disconnect power to avoid electrocution. Before doing any work, please, make sure your device is unplugged!

  • Check the valve flow meter for damage.
  • Pull off the inlet hose.
  • Take off the inside filter or the hose seal filter and check it for debris. Clean it, if necessary. If there filter is ok, check the valve for continuity using a multimeter. If it proves faulty, replace it