Bosch dishwasher e17 error

If there is the E17 fault code, there is water in the bottom tray. The code is activated by a flood switch, which reacts to overfill. Most likely, there is a leak in the system.

If you follow the recommendations described in this post, you will be able to clear the error in less than no time. However, in some cases professional help is required.

When water accumulates in the base tray, it raises the switch float, which detects the increase and launches the pump. This happens when the drain pipe gets clogged. If you face the problem every time you use the dishwasher, please, do the following;

Disconnect the unit from the mains to provide safety. Do not start any repair before you do!

Check the pipe for clogs or constrictions, which may lead to an overfill. Remove debris and/or gunk and run a test cycle.

If the error is still there, there may be a problem in the flood switch itself. If it is faulty, buy a new one and replace it. Make sure it fits your model.