Bosch dishwasher e23 error

The E23 error message says that water is not draining properly from your dishwasher. Remove the filter cap at the bottom and dry the drain hole area using a piece of cloth or sponge. Remove debris and/or gunk. Do it very carefully: there can be sharp fish bones or shards of glass. Use a flash light. Make sure the impeller rotates freely. Disconnect the drain pipe and check it for clogs and blockages. Make sure it is not kinked. Take steps to siphon out water. Use a tub or bucket. When you are done, reconnect the drain hose to the drain pipe and cap the filter. Put a mix of two or three teaspoonfuls of bicarb and a cup of white vinegar in the plastic container and then put it into the dishwasher. Run a brief cycle. When it begins, remove pressure and check the timer indication.